I have to say, running a gallery is not bad. While it sometimes causes us to freak out a little, thinking, “I’m not spending enough time on my own art work!” when it all comes together it’s so totally worth it, and it pushes us to work that much harder. It’s fantastic to see Borough growing the way it is, and it’s such a beautiful way to connect with other artists, musicians, poets, writers and art lovers galore.  Building this sort of community-having a space to be right in the thick of such creative energy-was our vision when we first started Borough. Creative expression is always a solo journey, but it doesn’t have to be so lonely, and I don’t think it’s as fulfilling if it is. Luckily Borough has brought our gorgeous studio mates together  (who I could never say enough fantastic things about), but the level that Borough has come to-is growing towards-and the connections, opportunities, people and ideas it has brought our way tops any idea we may have initially had. Not only is it wonderful to meet so many new people and artists, it’s also wonderful help other artists along in their artistic career. Exciting? I would probably say exhilarating!

As far as Borough is concerned, we’re still looking for YOU! We want to meet you, we want to hear your ideas, if you have art then we want to see it. Our door is always open if you want to stop by and check out what we’re up to or see our shows. Come meet our neighbors, because they’re amazing, and learn more about the artists we have on display (this week we’ll be featuring interviews with each!). If you just want to chat then we can offer you some tea and sometimes a beer, every now and then we might have crackers. We’re on facebook, we’re on twitter, we have a newsletter and we have a website, we even have a regular old email address. We want to meet you, and you’re always welcome to hang your hat here for a while if you’re so inclined. We’ll see you soon!