Happy February, Borough friends! 2010 has started with a bang over here at 180 Flynn, and our residents have been busy, busy with many of our own projects underway. We’re also in the process of preparing for our next group exhibition, opening on March 27th. We’re going to keep you in suspense for a little while, shrouding the details of this show in mystery for another week, but you definitely won’t want to miss it. For the moment, let’s fill you in on what our Borough residents have been up to:

Stephen Orloske has been putting his nose to the ground of Vermont’s art scene, scoping out what’s new around town and investigating what artists are saying about their recent exhibitions. The recent discussion by video game designer Jonathan Blow,

screen shot of Braid's game

whose work was part of Burlington City Art’s “Game(Life)” exhibit, particularly struck his fancy, and you can read Orloske’s review for the Vermont Art Zine HERE. Iraqi-American artist and NYU professor Wafaa Bilal’s controversial exhibition “Wafaa Bilal: Agent Intellect” at Helen Day Art Center in Stowe was also reviewed by Orloske and is worth reading a few times over. Read it here, as it appears in the VAZ.

Shawna Cross has been on a mission to display her paintings across Burlington’s downtown area. A new exhibition is currently up at Red Square, at 136 Church Street.

Shawna Cross "And it Was Glorious" 54" x 35" Oil on canvas

This show will be up for the remainder of February, and in April Cross will have another show at Radio Bean, 8 North Winooski Avenue. Keep your eye out! She also has a painting and written piece featured in the new literary magazine “Route 7“, featuring the work of Vermont artists. The magazine release party will be held this Saturday, February 20th from 4m-6pm, at STAART Gallery in St. Albans where Cross will perform her written piece.

Emily Wilson has a brand new series of work ready to be revealed to all! She has a new show opening on March 2nd at Studio Place Arts, 201 Main Street in Barre. Her New “Odds N’ Ends” series

Emily Wilson, "Blue", mixed media on window pane,part of her series "Odds N' Ends"

is featured in the February/March edition of “Art New England“, where she is interviewed about her SPA exhibition. The opening reception of “Works by Emily N. Wilson” is on Saturday, March 13, from 7pm-9pm, and will run until April 17th. You won’t want to miss it! Here is Wilson’s description of her new series:

Emily Wilson, "Turquoise" mixed media on window pane. Part of her series "Odds N' Ends"

Project Description

This show represents a cohesive collection of site specific pieces, as well as a unique variety of two-dimensional pieces. The works on exhibit have been stimulated by and designed for the Third Floor Gallery of Studio Place Arts in Barre, Vermont. Showing in this space has been a tremendous opportunity for me, and designing these pieces reflect months of preparation and time spent interacting with the physical space and literal mission of Studio Place Arts as an establishment and environment for cultivating artists. The building houses artists, shows, and educational outreach programs, as well as serves as a networking platform for artists of greater Vermont, which makes it the central location of all artistic energy in Vermont. Some aspects of this project have become particularly interesting to me, including the fact that I have been given an entire floor and space within this building to create a show, with my work, that enhances and speaks to the entire mission of the space.

I began with drawing the blue print and measuring the limitations of the space. I found out how much footage I had to work with, what sort of structural limitations I had, and most importantly, how the space felt and what sort of energy it alluded. The space consists of many limitations. Limitations for foot traffic, limitations for wall space, and limitations due to overhead fixtures. In my case, these limitations are more than welcome and are the true source for the overall conception of the series. The next inspiration came from the multiple studio doorways and what is housed behind them. Janet Van Fleet’s studio sits opposite the entries from both the stairs and the elevator, and has one of my favorite site specific installations. She resides as the first Vermont artist I found inspiring when I moved to Burlington, and is one of the most influential resident artists at SPA. The stained glass studio, proudly at the end of the corridor facing Main Street, houses Chris Jeffrey ‘s vivid and organic constructions. Not only does my work stem from my interest in stained glass, but the day I visited the space, his studio emanated great energy and the Grateful Dead, which truly enhanced my overall experience. The final component of interest about the space is that it has two entrances, which create multiple focal points and many vantage points. Each area has equal weight.

From these observations I developed a five-part installation series including works on glass, paper, built cut-paper and found objects. The works are centered on concepts of positive and negative space, SPACE? and what sort of things can come from the limits of space, and the basic elements and principles of design. The series consists of site specific pieces, including a bicycle rim mobile embellished with yarns and threads and installed over the stairway entrance, a six-part window installation compiled of found objects and painted surfaces, and a built-on-site installation made from yarn and ribbon opposite the elevator. There will be a series of two-dimensional drawings, hanging opposite from the mobile, that will serve as a template for the window project. Lastly, and most tedious will be a paper quilt compiled of sewn, cut-paper individually designed based on color and materials.

Each piece represents concrete thoughts about design, collections/series and installation processes. Although each piece can stand on its own, as a whole they were designed for this space and represent a complete and specific artist’s interaction with space, and perspective on the opportunities of space and exhibition.

emily n. wilson
Borough  Gallery and Studio
Studio Place Arts
Spring 2010

Emily Wilson, "Mustard" mixed media on window pane. Part of her series, "Odds N' Ends"