Hello, friends!

We here at Borough are on a little bit of a hunt, you see. We’re searching high and low for someone who’s looking to get down with their uninhibited self and let their creativity soar within our super-fab space. Yes, folks, in other words, Borough has space for another studio mate, and the anticipation of finding this other-worldly creative type is driving us silly.

Interested? Have you had a hankering for a space to call your own? Have you been dying to join your artistic community in a new way? Feeling wistful for artist banter that muses on until the wee hours-OR-for a quiet space to lock your brain into your creative groove? Well, give us a shout!

Borough has one opening available right now and a prospective opening mid-summer. We’re located in Burlington’s super happening South End Art District; you could say we’re smack dab in the middle of things since we share a building with SEABA and a smattering of other artists, musicians and businesses. Inside our space you’ll find three visual artists and one writer, ample workspace both upstairs and down, areas you can get messy in and safe areas that stay squeaky clean. Rent is $120/month and includes heat and water, internet connection is available. Can it get any better? We also flip part of the studio upside down every 4 months or so, transforming into a gallery to host a handful of other artists’ work and pal around with our community members.

So listen, if you think you’re Borough’s missing link then just break your silence already. Get a hold of us! boroughgallery@gmail.com.