As we noted earlier, Borough has been on the hunt for a new studio member, an “other-worldly creative type”, as we said, who was down for getting involved in our artistic community. Well, our hunting has resulted in quite the catch, and we’re excited to kick off July by welcoming our newest resident artist, Krista Sanders! We’re really excited to work with her in the studio, and really look forward to what she (and her Guerrilla Arts background!) will bring to our upcoming exhibitions. So meet Krista, Borough’s newest member!

I am so excited that I am lucky enough to join the extremely talented co-op of artists who make up Borough Studios. One of the biggest reasons I decided to plunge in and join a community studio is because I am relatively new to Vermont and really want to get into the local art scene and meet other artists. So please if you are in Borough Studio, come and say hi! Here is a little info about my art and me so you can get an idea of who I am….

How I got to Burlington…

I was raised in Seattle, Washington where I obtained my BFA in Sculpture and Public Art from the University of Washington. I received my Masters from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I have a brilliant son so upon graduation I decided to move somewhere that he could ride his bike, play in the woods, catch frogs, and be an innocent kid rather than live in a concrete jungle learning how important it is to never make eye contact with anyone, ever. So Burlington here we are!!!

Art Works…

I have been creating in various mediums for many years in both Seattle and Chicago’s art scenes, however, for the last few years I have focused on my career and my art work has been unfocused and a little neglected. Now that things are pretty settled, I am ready to focus on finding my clear vision and voice through art creating works that are coherent and conceptual. Here are some examples of things I have done recently.

“2010 Taste of Stowe Festival Poster” PhotoShop+Illustrator, 11x17, 2010 One of the poster designs to be used at this year’s Taste of Stowe Festival.

“Imagination” (in process) created with students, mural paint, 23’x8’, 2010

“Make Art” mural created with students in Graffiti Arts Class, permission wall, spray paint, 2005

”Found Egg Project” Guerrilla Arts Project with Graffiti Arts Class, 1000 easter eggs, 1000 community question slips, Streets of Little Village, Chicago, 2005. (This project was created for students to experience a temporary and more legal form of Guerilla Arts.)

“Elliot” pencil on paper 24”x36” 2010

“Street Crusher” (Elliot’s comic alter-ego), PhotoShop+Illustrator, 2010