box installation

"Box Installation" 9 4"x4" boxes suspended by hook and eye hardware. Site specific installation designed for South Wall of Borough Gallery

Artist Statement:

My work represents a combination of two and three-dimensional installation works, in both site-specific and non-specific locations. All of the pieces that follow have been designed for the space they are seen photographed in and were only in existence during a planned, short-term exhibition. Not only do these works emphasize an interest in scale, materials, and invite viewer interaction, they also focus on the more constructive ideas of space and the elements and principles of design. My interest lies in space and being able to create, plan, and execute an idea or design a piece to change ones interpretation and expectations of spaces. Each piece is installed with the intention to persuade viewers to look beyond ones immediate and most likely realistic and functional spaces and replace the familiar with notions of possibility and seamless change. In using color, repetition, and texture, I have developed a personal language in design, which I hope, when installed, offers a brighter experience of a space, than when not.

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