Andrea Becker

Andrea Becker "Dear Carcass" Watercolor, 18"x14"

Andrea Becker "Look Closely III" Watercolor, 14"x18"

Andrea Becker "Missed" Watercolor, 14"x18"

Artist Bio:

I was raised in Austria, and had the privilege to grow up in the midst of a mountainous landscape between the Austrian and Swiss Alps. I arrived in the United States in 2001, studied Fine Arts at SUNY Plattsburgh, and I earned a BFA in 2007. I am currently working toward a Master’s degree in Counseling and Community Psychology at the Sage Colleges in Troy/Albany, NY

Deterioration Statement:

My main drive as an artist is discovering beauty and mystery in the tiniest details and mundane objects that most people would ignore. I enjoy constructing still lives that border on abstraction. I create most of my works by looking at objects in enlarged form. I paint traditional subjects but they are unrecognizable as such in the final stage of the work. Although I work from observation, I am constantly walking the line between the recognizable and abstracted reality. When I create work I may be inspired by dried up leaves on the edge of disintegration or by a crumbling human statue. The content lies somewhere between the lines of color, the way I handle the medium and the imagery I choose to paint. I am often more attracted to objects or places that are fragile, decaying or abandoned. Perhaps a different dimension of truth can be found by examining the relics of natural life and civilization. Discovering meaning in objects that are commonly seen as useless animates me.


One Response to “Andrea Becker”

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