Michael Heeney

Michael Heeney "Untitled I" 100 year old barn wood, iron lock, nails, joint compound, heart shaped leaf, red-tailed hawk wing (leaf and hawk wing not pictured), 21"x19"

Michael Heeney "Untitled III" inkjet photo transfer, joint compound, polyurethane, and found wood, 12"x11"

Michael Heeney "Untitled VII" shotgun shell, 100 year old barnwood with original nails, and dirt, 8"x5"

Artist Bio:

Michael Heeney graduated from The University of Vermont in 2002 with a B.A. in  Studio Art and a minor in Art History.
In 2005 he graduated from The New England School of Photography, where he graduated with honors in both fashion and advertising photography.

He currently lives in Burlington, Vermont and works as a commercial, portrait, and fashion photographer.

Deterioration Statement:

These series incorporate found objects and materials. The objects that I choose to display or photograph are always symbolic of something, or of many things, depending upon the viewer.  Sometimes I will go looking for a specific type of object, to convey a symbolism or emotion that I am feeling at the time.  Other times I find objects in the least likely of places and when I am not even looking for them.  Found objects are rarely new and have usually been weathered, corroded, or broken.  The age and weathering of these objects helps to dissolve their original use and purpose, and strengthens their symbolic and iconic nature.

Visit Heeney’s website HERE


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