Philip Hardy

Philip Hardy "Floating Boxes" Oil on canvas, 48" x 72"

"End of the Stork" Oil on canvas, 54" x 44"

"Spiritual Center" mixed media, 16" x 23"


Philip Hardy makes work of ambiguously subversive narrative scenes using preexisting and easily available imagery.  He has his BFA from SUNY Plattsburgh and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art; from where he has recently graduated.  Originally from up state New York he moved to New York City to pursue his master’s degree and currently works and resides in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

artist statement

The work of Philip Hardy is rooted in fairy tales, myths, narration and advertising media and art history.  He is concerned with established notions of fantasy and desire.  Philip uses these different genres of visual culture as starting points.  He will use the appropriation, subversion, juxtaposition and hybridization to deconstruct the images of various visual cultures.  He attempts to create new images without completely losing all acknowledgements to referenced ideas and materials.

Advertising uses social values to sell products.  It is necessary for advertising to find a purpose for their products in the minds of the people they are attempting to sell to.  Fairy tales and myths work similarly.  Philips’ work mainly explores these ideas.  He is predominately concerned with the aesthetics and the summations of free association and various cultural expressions.

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