Cristin Manner

Burlington, VT

Mixed Media Paintings


Cristin Manner is originally from Montrose, New York, and now lives in the Burlington area, surrounded by all she loves, her dear friends, art, music and nature.  She received a degree from The University of Vermont in May 2008, with a B.A. in Studio Art and a minor in Psychology. She found a divine love for photography and ceramics in her collage career, but now continues to steer her artistic adventures in new directions through painting with acrylics and her most newfound medium; collage.  Her recent subject matter consists of unrealistic nature depictions, specifically focusing on trees, where color and abstract application are the dominant elements of design.  She believes in the creative process as a therapeutic tool towards self-discovery and feels blessed to share her creations with others.


When I think of home I feel the warmth and love that my family and friends bring me; a sense of togetherness and unconditional grounded support.  I envision a vast body of water, which holds so much life, reflects sparkling light and possibility.  I feel rooted by grand trees and the sounds of rustling leaves in the breeze.  The woods keep me safe, providing shelter with their high peaked treetop canopy.  Home is comfort; through something as simple as the smell of rosemary roasting on red potatoes. Home is kindness; expressing words that are true and honest. My mother’s pure joy and dedication for her garden, amongst wild honeysuckles, has shown me the foundation of growth through nurture, care, and time. It is a place where funky floral patterns don’t match or make much sense. It is a place to let your artistic license run wild with creation and organized chaos. It is a place where laughter and music will echo around and about, forcing your body to sway and freely dance without discrimination. My sense of home has been created within myself because of my beautiful family and therefore, reflects who I am.


Cristin Manner


Cristin Manner, mixed media



3 Responses to “Cristin Manner”

  1. Marie Manner Says:

    Hi Crissie,
    These two paintings are amazing! I am so very proud of you. Can’t wait to see it up close and personal.

  2. Nancy Variano Says:

    So glad to see and hear you are doing well. Love your art.

  3. Cathy Paredes Says:


    I love your work,the color, the life, the movement. It is vibrant

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