Emily Wilson

Burlington, VT

Mixed Media Installations




Concerns and Functions of Space

As an artist, space is one of my biggest logistic concerns. Enough space to make art, enough space to show art, or enough space to house all the things needed and necessary to establish my work and my life as an artist. Beyond these reasons, space is a major concern for me because I am constantly building and looking for spaces to present my work. I draw inspiration from them and find myself stimulated by their boundaries and constraints. I usually begin by pondering the purpose and function behind the space and how it correlates with the purpose and function of my artwork. Ultimately, it is where these ideas merge that installation sculpture happens and how I decide to better fit my purpose and aesthetic choices.

Installations usually are working to present a certain statement or aesthetic that is intentional and conceived through many decisions and thoughts about the space. Ultimately what results from installation making, whether site specific or non- specific, is that it is a solid statement about what I do as an artist and who I am as a person, and ultimately what I am interested in. The technique and method at which I work represents my thought process and overall consideration for how space works and what I want to say about it.

Interior Design is a sub category and interest of my art making and in some ways has a lot of similarities with installation art, fashioned with a different goal. For interior design, it is focused and centered on design and the function of space for the people that inhabit and use it on a daily basis. Interior Design goes beyond the elements and principles of design to consider the mental, emotional and psychological needs and details of a space. Its needs are focused on the overall consideration of the environment in which your clients create their life. It is of the most important space for them and reflects their needs and choices.

Based on these interests about space, I have designed a three part installation for this show incorporating areas of interior design and home decoration, sculpture and home design using recycled materials, as well as the elements and principles of design. By creating a series centered on these ideas I hope to stimulate viewer interaction by inviting them into a space entirely composed of things from my home and thrifting sites. Through design and my overall interest in organization, I hope to construct an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that highlights ideas about the function and style choices of the spaces in which we choose to surround ourselves with and specifically the things that interest and stimulate me and my life as an artist.


Project Description

What attracts us to certain spaces? What bothers us about others? What is important about space, and what do we need from certain spaces? Is function most important, aesthetics, Feng-shui? After considering all aspects of these questions I began to collect imagery of interiors from magazines, newspapers, and the internet that interested me. It was from this collection I was able to narrow down some ideas about what sort of things are important to me about space, in the context of my literal home environment.

The collection is colorful and lengthy. The binder is compiled from a variety of sources, including Company C publications, New England Architectural Digest and Angela Adams; each sleeve equally interesting as the last, full of color, texture, and small reminders of innovation and creativity. After a month of collecting I decided to make some general observations and began to recognize similarities and parallels between the varying images. These observations became some of the central components to my three part installation.

The three areas in which I look to simulate through both two and three dimensional aspects of installation incorporates these observations in a bedroom scene, a dining scene and the use of fashion and style in interior decoration. In each area I have used mixed media found and recycled objects that I have reused or tweaked in order to make a bolder statement about space and the aspects that are intriguing about my work, in a variety of ways.


Emily Wilson, Mixed media installation


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