Jon Demske
Upstate New York
further contact:
“The human face never lies. It is the only map that records all the territories where we have lived.” -Luís Sepúlveda
And so I present these faceless portraits. I have trouble answering the question “Where are you from?” Momentum from the first move kept me uprooted. I became good at adapting but had no foundation, and this feeling of homelessness pained me for years. Eventually I built an identity like a ship, able to navigate this mercurial base. Its harbors, where I am most grounded, most at home, are people.
Yet these people have their own pursuits, and so home is ever incomplete. These photographs represent my home as those who have welcomed me, and as a place I never arrive.

jon demske, photography

jon demske, photography

Jon Demske, photography

Jon Demske, photography


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