Rachel Moore

Philadelphia, PA




I have always made art, not knowing where it would lead me but never questioning its importance.

Surrounded by a family of lifelong artists, I was encouraged and inspired to explore art from a young age. I am guided by intuition and spontaneity. As I work, I trust that each decision I come to is deeply founded and highly significant, and I place great confidence in my intuitive sensitivity.I tackle a blank canvas with very wet action painting or a loose charcoal sketch, allowing the materials to drip or follow the weave of the canvas. The result is a combination of gesture and hard lines. I eliminate, embellish and rework this design until it has become a harmonious and balanced piece.I see great importance in making things from scratch and prefer to build my own stretchers and frames. In this way, I create a truly original and handmade piece with an understanding of each layer that exists beneath the finished product.The most prominent theme in my work is a push and pull of contrary elements which attract and repel one another, motivating movement in our world. The concept behind my subject matter and artistic process are both a loving acknowledgment toward the constant maintenance of seeking and redefining balance.


“The Place You Hang Your Hat”

Growing up in a beautiful Pennsylvania farm house, I was surrounded by a family of life-long artists. I have always revered these elders as the best source of information and technique, as their work to me is perfection. This allowed me to identify myself as an artist during the early years of my life. Along with my family, I looked to Pennsylvania as a source of inspiration and identity. The scenery here carries with it a lengthy history and an account of poignant human discoveries.

As a result of a childhood immersed in family and its history, I strayed far from home as a teen to rediscover myself without the involvement of those roots and associations. I developed a curiosity to explore new people and places. I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona, Maryland, New Mexico, Tokyo and New York City.

In 2008, I sought perspective and returned home after ten years of constant motion. I soon realized how important it was to be in this environment and to experience again the forces that shaped me during my formative years. Wishing to experience the deepest of my roots, I moved to the town I was born in. The family of works exhibited here were created in the year that I have lived in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. These paintings are a documentation of my coming home. Here, I rediscover the Pennsylvania landscape, I reference beautiful paintings by family members, and I address the constant maintenance of seeking and redefining balance both in my surroundings and within myself.

-Rachel Moore. Wyncote, PA. 2009.



Abstract Wetscape 6

Rachel Moore, "Abstract Wetscape 6" Oil on canvas, 46" x 68"

Cicada Tree

Rachel Moore, "Cicada Tree" Oil on canvas, 32" x 19"




3 Responses to “Rachel Moore”

  1. mim sonstein Says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful etc etc etc

  2. Wyncote is lucky to have you back girl. Your life and your work is truly an inspiration. Thank you Rachel

  3. […] more information on Rachel Moore go here. See her work in person at Borough until Friday, December 4th. […]

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