Delineation, acrylic on canvas, 24"x20"

Senoras del Baile, mixed media on canvas, 42″x26″

White Noise, mixed media on canvas, 42"x26"

My style is constantly changing and evolving, mainly because I am always experimenting and waiting to see where my brush will take me.  It’s always a mystery how a painting will progress and what it will become.  Often what starts out as abstract will find form and become somewhat figurative, or vice versa… and frequently I start out without any idea of what I want to create, which can be both freeing and daunting at the same time and it’s always exciting to see in what direction it goes.

I find inspiration in so many things and love to experiment with different media.  I find it hard to limit myself when there is just so much out there to be passionate about.  I try to find ways to combine these different art forms and really explore what can be done with a canvas.  I love to incorporate different materials to bring texture into play, and try to find ways to blur the line between 2D and 3D, creating a sculptural tactile quality.

I was born and raised here in Burlington, Vermont, and over the years have lived and traveled many places, only to find myself back here and incredibly inspired all over again by this amazing place and it’s vibrant art community.  I received my BA in studio art from the University of Vermont in 2001, taught art in San Diego, California, and currently work at Burlington City Arts where I draw constant inspiration from the amazing artists that I work with and the unending amount of creativity that they seem to possess.

I hope that you enjoy my work, and that of the other amazing artists of Borough Gallery!  I don’t currently have my own website, but please feel free to contact me at to discuss my work or if you are interested in seeing more… 


Kate Ashman: "Galactic", 26" x 42" Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas.

Kate Ashman: "Galactic", 26" x 42" Acrylic and Mixed Media on canvas.


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