Brent Johnson

Brent Johnson "Asylum" Rapidograph on paper, 5"x7"

Brent Johnson "Entrance to Livelihood" Acrylic on Canvas, 20"x16"

Brent Johnson, "Ruins" Rapidograph on paper, 5"x7"

Artist Bio:

I grew up in the Adirondacks, and have always been struck by the serenity of it. I attended Munson Williams Proctor Institute of Art in Utica for the first two years of my BFA, and completed it at Plattsburgh State. My artwork has always been about conveying an atmosphere through everyday things, be it landscape, object or person. I try to move my viewer through my work with a combination of line, contrast, tone and in the case of painting color. I try to find beauty in things unconventional, and try to convey that beauty to the viewer.

Deterioration Statement:

I love to paint instustrial landscapes, and decaying scenes. I chose to paint an interior of a cattle barn from my good friend Adam’s dairy farm, a boiler room and a water main from the nursing home where I work. These places work well for the show in that they all present a abandoned sense to them. There is a loneliness to them, an almost otherworldly feel. There is a feel of neglect in them, but these have an everyday use, and are important to their keepers. There is isolation and familiarity. They are uncomfortable and foriegn, yet seen in our every day lives.


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