Adam Wimble

Georgia, VT


Read an interview between Borough and Adam Here


I was born on a beautiful farm in  Vermont. I couldn’t think of a better place that I would have rather grown up on and it has influenced who I am and my art. My first memories of art were of the children’s books that my mother would read to my brother and I as children. Looking at those illustrations always made me want to draw, although I’ll admit that drawing isn’t my strongpoint. When I first enrolled in college at Plattsburgh University, I wanted to be a photographer,but now I use photography as a tool to paint from. It wasn’t until my first painting class that I fell in love with painting. Although I didn’t believe that I was great at it, I kept it up until I kept getting better. I think that I’m still getting better and have more room for growth. As long as I keep pushing and challenging myself, I know that I will. For me, art is about challenge and expression.


Home plays a very important role in my artwork. I feel very fortunate to live on a beautiful farm in Vermont and most of my work reflects that. Some of my favorite pieces are of my dad and uncle at work. I love how my paintings tell a story of their everyday lives. To me, my paintings are a recording of the things that I love.  I hope that my work doesn’t seem like a cliche’ to people, because I’m painting cows and such. It’s not a cliche’ to me it’s just my everyday life.


Adam Wimble "Calf Divided" Oil on canvas


Adam Wimble, "Monty Under the Rhubarb" Acrylic on canvas


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