James Juron

James Juron "Three Judges" Oil on canvas, 36"x48"

James Juron "Head 4" Oil on canvas, 16"x20"

James Juron "Standing Figure" Oil on canvas, 48"x36"

Artist Bio:

Originally from Troy, NY, now lives and works in Albany, NY.

Not to render the visible, but to render visible. -Paul Klee

The Figure is the body created out of a process of making, it is an individual body that may give reference to the human form.  Figuration is the act of forming something into a particular shape while, deformation is the act of deforming, the disfiguration of the shape or dimensions of a body, resulting from forces stressing and straining a body. This is a violent action upon the human form to capture these forces: feelings, oppressions, discriminations that affect a body.  This area in painting started with Van Gogh, expanded with certain expressionists and taken further Chaim Soutine and Francis Bacon.  Painting becomes a process that attempts to capture sensations through the materiality of the paint itself.  When successful it makes visible on the canvas, that which remains elusive to the eye.

To do this the painter must extract his/her eyes to dethrone the “I”; the source of intellect, order and the “self”.  The deformation that takes place in the pictorial act is also a self-deformation of the painter himself. Deformation is a direct consequence of this process.  A zone of indiscernibility is created, between human and animal, between chaos and order.

Deterioration Statement:

The state of the human experience and condition across our globalized world is in a state of deterioration.  Brought on by super-capitalist corporate greed, perpetuated by an empire that has shown total disregard for life in general: America.  I, you, we and they are in a state of deterioration.  In the reach for ultimate progress we have digressed collectively into the richest nation that lacks the most basic needs for its people.

It is not so much “deterioration”, as in decay, but forces that we feel upon us and around us, that my work attempts to capture, which may be the result of “deterioration”.  The feeling of forces; sensations, not emotions.

Visit Juron’s website HERE


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